Aluminium Renovations

Aluminium Renovations

  • Need to match your old wooden or aluminium windows to new windows, extensions, renovation or paint job?
  • Have aluminium windows that are dull and faded?
  • Live on the coast and the salt air has started to eat your old windows away; corrosion starting to set in?
  • Need to update your property prior to selling or a property you have just purchased?
  • Need to get the windows, door rollers, fly screens or fly doors properly functioning?
  • Want to update and maintain a rental property?

If you’re in the process of planning renovations to your home and you’re thinking about what to do about those old wooden or aluminium windows and sliding doors, then look no further.

Modern conservatories made out of aluminium can add real value and provide unlimited possibilities to extend your home.
Available in any style the Sypro Aluminium team can help you design a structure to complement your home. We offer a full design, build and installation service which can be tailored according to your needs.


For many years aluminium has been the architect’s choice and for good reason. From elegant homes to high rise buildings, it is the strength, lifetime performance and appearance of aluminium that building professionals rely upon.

In many conservation areas authorities now accept the fully recyclable aluminium framing as a real alternative to the traditional hardwood they have traditionally specified.

Not all conservatories will require planning. It is however smart to check that your property allows you to build one.  We can advise you on this.